Welcome to the fantasy world of zombies, horror, blood, babes and unforgettable rock and roll.  AstroCreep2000 is THE precise tribute band for Rob/White Zombie.


AstroCreep2000 began in the early part of the year 2000.  After being labeled a “Rob Zombie” like creature, Eric introduced a concept along with a rough script to long-time guitarist and friend, Scott and Drummer Mike.  The rest is shall we say “history”.


These three musicians combined have almost 50 years in the music industry.  Realizing that there was no tribute to Rob Zombie or White Zombie, and with millions of Zombie fans worldwide, the Zombie Tribute was a natural choice.  Not to mention the already apparent similarities in music styles and behavior.


The hunt for a bass player took the band thru two other members and quite the journey before finally setting roots with Ricky.  Oddly enough Ricky had been with the band since the beginning but was simply taking pictures and running a camcorder (oops…sometimes it’s right under your nose before you smell it).


These musicians, along with a support cast, bring a re-creation of a Zombie show with an accuracy rivaled only by Rob Zombie himself. This show includes costumes, make-up, simulated pyro barrels (no actual flammables), dancers, computer-based sampling systems and an unforgettable display of energy . A truly, horror-filled showcase presented by top industry professionals available for national and international bookings.


Please Join in the celebration of life